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Local Anaesthesia Course

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The Zero Pain Philosophy Local Anaesthesia course gives the learner the knowledge required to start using local anaesthesia in their practice. Each webinar describes the technique, highlighting where the learner would use that particular technique. Each webinar is complemented with videos that explain the technique visually so the learner can easily review the video immediately before attempting the technique. A mix of content is provided, with webinars, podcasts, pain updates and reflective learning assignments. The pain updates and reflect articles present a topic for review, along with references for the learner to read. In total, this course offers 12 hours of delivered content and 15 hours of self-directed learning. The course is assessed with a 15 multiple-choice question test and three reflective case studies. The cases are reviewed by Matt Gurney or Carl Bradbrook. A certificate of completion is provided to all successful candidates.

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