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Zero Pain Philosophy

Zero Pain Philosophy is here to help veterinary professionals worldwide achieve analgesic excellence in your clinic.

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Online Consultation

Our telemedicine service provides cost-effective specialist advice on pain management for both acute and chronic cases. We provide advice for surgical procedures where you need an analgesic plan tailored to patient needs and consultations for chronic pain cases with bespoke advice in both situations. We promise to respond via email within 24 hours.


Stay up to date with our online continuing education sessions. Zero Pain Philosophy webinars are provided by our Specialists on pain topics with everyday relevance. After each webinar, you will have new-found knowledge which can benefit your patients immediately.

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About Us

Zero Pain Philosophy is here to help veterinary professionals worldwide achieve analgesic excellence in your clinic.


Our telemedicine service is designed to give you Specialist input and support in managing your pain and anaesthetic cases.


We offer a variety of educational resources to help spread pain management knowledge. With our regular webinars, your whole team can stay up to date with current topics. For quick reference on a particular topic, our pain updates are short and easy to read summaries compiled by our Specialists. 


Subscribe now to get great value educational resources at your fingertips. We offer subscription options for vets, nurses & the whole practice.

We believe everyone should have free access to video resources where techniques can actually be seen, and not just read about in a textbook. Using our phones, we created videos to help you deliver great pain relief to your patients.


With your help, we sincerely hope the veterinary industry adopts and practises an attitude of zero tolerance towards pain so that no patient suffers unnecessarily under our care.

The Zero Pain Philosophy audience is veterinary professionals. If you are a pet owner please tell your vet about us! 

Zero Pain Videos

Nerve Block Videos

Learn new nerve block techniques now

Epidural Videos

Watch our epidural technique videos

All our advice is for veterinary professionals only. 

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