Grapiprant Study
This study is designed for vets. The study population is dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis which you intend to or have prescribed either grapiprant (Galliprant®) or an NSAID. Your diagnosis can be radiographic or based on clinical assessment.

The study is designed to assess the response of dogs to either grapiprant (Galliprant®) or an NSAID, one month after prescribing. You are free to choose grapiprant (Galliprant®) or the NSAID of your choice. The study is based on the literature which suggests a treatment phase of one month prior to reassessment.

After the initial consultation please complete the form in this link. One month later I will contact the owner for follow up. This study will assess the efficacy of your chosen treatment using the Canine Brief Pain Inventory, a validated pain scale for OA. It will also assess adverse effects with either treatment. Of course one month later there may be dogs that are not on that medication anymore. This is also important. 

For more details on Galliprant (grapiprant) click here

To access the study form click here.

To contact Matt Gurney regarding this study use the contact box here.

Owner details will be held within Google Forms, which are GDPR compliant. Access to this form is password protected. Data will only be used for the purposes of this study. This study is undergoing ethical review.