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Should I reach for tramadol?
The efficacy of tramadol has been in question for a number of years, despite the fact that it is widely prescribed in dogs. In this snapshot session Carl will explain the evidence behind our decision making.

Webinars allow you to complete your CPD requirements from wherever you want! All of our webinars can be watched live or purchased as a recording. Select the webinar of interest to you to get started!



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Webinars on Catch Up

Webinars allow you to complete your CPD requirements from wherever you want! All of our webinars can be watched live or purchased as a recording. Select the webinar of interest to you to get started!

The Zero Pain Cat Course

The Zero Pain Philosophy cat pain management course is relevant for vets and nurses with an interest in feline pain. In the first session Carl will cover all aspects of acute pain management for cats. This promises to be a fantastic start to the course. Sitting alongside this is a class on recognising pain in cats. The two subsequent sessions with Matt explore the use of NSAIDs in cats, moving on to options for chronic pain management in this species. The final session on is a discussion style event with Matt & Carl. 


Zero Pain Philosophy co-founders Matt & Carl comment; 

Advances in pain recognition in cats have enabled us not only to detect pain more accurately, but also to evaluate effective analgesic options in this species.  We are really excited about sharing recent advances in the literature and our experiences of these analgesics with colleagues.

Managing chronic pain in cats

The alternative title to this session in our cat course, is ‘analgesia beyond NSAIDs’.


With chronic pain, there is a limit to what NSAIDs can be expected to do. We will start with an understanding of the pathophysiology and explain why NSAIDs may hit their limit.


Then what are our options? And how do we know our next line is effective? Together, we will review the literature to give you the best options for your feline patients.

Acute pain in cats

What is your first line analgesic for acute pain in cats?

What if that is not enough?

What are the best multimodal options in cats?


In this session Carl will cover all aspects of acute pain management for cats. This promises to be a fantastic start to our Zero Pain Philosophy cat course and is recommended to everyone in the practice team.

Recognising pain in cats

Masters of disguise or pretty obvious?

Recognising pain in cats is the very starting point of providing effective analgesics, both in the acute and chronic setting.


We are fortunate to have pain scoring systems for both acute and chronic pain, taking the uncertainty away from pain assessment in cats.

This session is essential viewing and provides a baseline for the other lectures in the cat pain course.

The ins & outs of NSAIDs in cats

NSAIDs are effective analgesics in both acute and chronic pain in cats.


What should our primary concerns be regarding prescribing NSAIDs to cats? How do we assess efficacy and what should we do if we experience adverse effects?


Join Matt if you would like to bring your knowledge up to speed and offer the cats under your care a Zero Pain approach.


Nerve locator masterclass

The use of nerve location allows us to deposit local anaesthetic as close to the nerve as possible, and reduce the risk of intraneural injection. This masterclass covers the technique of nerve location to get you started with improving your safety and accuracy. 

Which nerve blocks are aided by nerve location? Join Matt to find out!

Produced in conjunction with VygonVet, manufacturer of the Plexygon nerve locator and the Echoplex/Locoplex needles. 

Epidural masterclass

The epidural is an excellent means of providing long lasting analgesia to our surgical patients.

The technique is easier than you think! Matt will show you which cases to start with and how to grow your confidence. 


In this masterclass Matt will take a step by step approach to the technique and discuss cases where epidurals make a real difference.  

Methadone - the most versatile opioid

We've created this webinar for practices either starting to use methadone for the first time, or those teams with new members who need a group refresher on the topic.


What is the evidence for methadone in dogs and cats? 

Should methadone be your first line opioid? 

State of the art analgesia

In 2018 Carl published a two part review with Louise Clark entitled State of the art analgesia - pharmacological approaches to management of pain.


In this acute pain masterclass Carl will discuss these updates in acute pain management, giving you solutions for a Zero Pain approach.  

Ketamine - the ultimate analgesic

The analgesic benefits of ketamine is a hot topic right now. In both acute and chronic pain, ketamine is a useful drug that we all have sat on the shelf. 


In this webinar, Matt will discuss the options for ketamine as an analgesic and give you a full understanding of the advantages for your patients  

NSAIDs - the lowdown!

NSAIDs are essential analgesics and form the basis of our multimodal approach, alongside opioids and local anaesthetics. 


We review the evidence in dogs and cats and examine our choices available. Key to NSAID use is an understanding of mode of action, pharmacology and considerations for safety. 


Is one NSAID safer and more efficacious than another? 

Let's add local!

Our free webinar will consider three cases where local anaesthetic makes a real difference!


Illustrated with videos for each case, you will learn how to start using local anaesthetics in your practice straight away. 


We cover which local anaesthetics to use, along with our top tips for safe and effective blocks. Watch now! It's free! 

CRI masterclass

Continuous rate infusions are a great way of managing severe and moderate pain in a multimodal fashion.


During this webinar we will cover ketamine, lidocaine, the alpha 2 agonists and fentanyl and how to best use these for your patients.


Bring your practice up to speed with the latest options along with case examples for each analgesic.  

Paracetamol in dogs: evidence in black & white

Interest in paracetamol for analgesia is growing and we now have new studies informing us of where we need to sit with dosing.


Matt reviews the studies here and discusses the role of paracetamol as an analgesic in dogs.


You will learn the positive benefits of paracetamol and gain an understanding of cases where it can really help your canine patients.  

Acute pain: why are we using these drugs?

Do you want to know more about the analgesics prescribed to the patients you are nursing?


Join Matt on this webinar to explain why these analgesics are used, when we use them and how they work.

We cover local anaesthetics, opioids and NSAIDs to give you a head start with understanding multimodal analgesia.  

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