The cats have been waiting!

Updated: Jul 20

Solensia (frunevetmab) is here! Solensia is a monoclonal antibody which targets nerve growth factor, a key mediator in the pain of osteoarthritis.

Why do we think Solensia is such a great option for cats? Firstly, it’s a monthly subcutaneous injection. Secondly, it has a great adverse effect profile with no impact on the liver or kidneys.

Our pain update will give you an introduction to this novel analgesic option for cats. For full details please watch our next webinar here.

Several years back I was asked what the real gaps in the pain management market were for cats – and of course I said I wanted an effective long lasting option for cats. And Solensia offers exactly that.

At Zero Pain Philosophy we don’t receive any financial gain for any pain management products and this pain update is based on our clinical experience and the science behind the product.

Let’s talk about efficacy. Frunevetmab (Solensia) was tested in client-owned cats versus placebo with 181 cats in the frunevetmab group and 93 in the placebo group. The 2:1 allocation to test:placebo is a common model in such studies and widely accepted to conform to the 3Rs principle of refine, reduce & replace. The licensed dose was tested which is 1.0-2.8 mg/kg. The primary endpoint was an owner based assessment – also known as CSOM – client specific outcome measure. This is a very relevant endpoint whereby the client selects behaviours associated with pain in their pet and is asked to score these at each evaluation point. It’s something we can incorporate into our clinical work and I do this with every pain consultation. Of course we know examining cats may not yield the information we need – that something that is widely reported and we will cover in the webinar. Secondary endpoints included a global owner assessment and vet examination. To be included cats needed to be in pain and have radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis in at least two joints.