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Intraperitoneal & incisional analgesia

Updated: May 17, 2023

In this WSAVA Global Pain Council capsule review, these simple and cost-effective techniques are covered.

Read the capsule review here.

Where can you incorporate these into practice?

Our webinar on visceral pain talks you through the anatomy of visceral pain, considering the sources and offering suggestions on drug options. Watch the webinar here.

Our free videos illustrate these techniques. One of our favourite blocks is the simple line block. In this free video we demonstrate how easy this technique is. Follow this link for videos demonstrating line blocks in both cats and dogs.

A recent study reviewed the benefit of the combination of a line block and intraperitoneal anaesthesia. The study concluded there was a benefit to the combination - what we need to see is a study with one group if dogs receiving a line block, one receiving IP local and one group receiving the combination: that would really give us the answers we require.

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